2019 Colloquium


Grafik: Atelier Olschinsky
Mittwoch • 03. April 2019 • 17.30 Uhr

Dr. ZIV COJOCARU (Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance): „The Composer and Arranger as Conductor and vice versa“

Composer, conductor, arranger and pianist, recipient of the 2015 Prime Minister Award for Composers, Ziv Cojocaru is a multidisciplinary musician, active in the fields of classical, contemporary, and popular music. He will present his works and speak about the symbiotic relationship between the diverse functions of being a composer, arranger, and conductor, and the advantages and disadvantages of this situation. As a composer and conductor Cojocaru regularly works with leading orchestras and contemporary ensembles around the world. His compositions were performed at various festivals and concert venues including Konzerthaus Berlin, Arnold Schoenberg Center Vienna, the MATA Festival in New York, the ISCM Festival Ljubljana, the ACL Festival in Vietnam, the Israel Music Festival and many more. Mr. Cojocaru serves as Conductor in Residence for the Israel Sinfonietta and teaches composition and music theory at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

8010 Graz, Leonhardstraße 82-84

Admission: free

An event presented by ÖGZM in collaboration with the Institute of Music Education at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz (KUG)